Terms and conditions


The following general conditions of sale govern all transactions established on the Valahost Web catalog. Any order placed on this site assumes the client’s unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions.


This contract is a distance contract that aims to define the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the sale of the products of the company Valahost.


The purpose of this contract is to determine the general conditions according to which Valahost makes its products and services available to the customer available on the website www.valahost.com Any new version of the general conditions will come into force as soon as it is published on the website of Valahost, it will be applicable to any subscription or renewal of a product upon publication.


Customer area:  The Valahost company hosts the customer ‘s website following receipt of the payment of the first annuity, the contract between the customer and the company is formed when the product is validated. The customer receives his identifiers at the email address appearing on the form already filled in when ordering. These identifiers are used to administer the administration of Valahost products previously ordered on the site (Access to domain names, access to dashboards, product expiration date, Invoices, etc.)

Web Hosting:  Valahost offers the client the hosting of a domain name as well as associated disk space, and those following the payment of a rental whose cost depends on the product for which the client has opted.

The client will designate his domain name (web address), as long as it is available and that he respects the naming charter according to the chosen extension.

The customer is free to decide the content of his webspace, provided that it complies with the laws and regulations in force in his country of origin.

It is notably forbidden to publish any form of associated content directly or indirectly:

  • to pirated programs
  • racist
  • in MP3 and derivative formats subject to copyright
  • online games of chance (electronic casinos, etc.)
  • peer to peer software (Kazaa, eDonkey, etc.)
  • to pornography
  • to eroticism in all its forms
  • to pedophilia
  • to illegal activities
  • to an IRC and/or IRC Bots network

Valahost grants itself the right, at any time and without notice, to put offline any content that it considers not respecting the specifications in force in its country of origin.


During the renewal, Valahost sends its customers reminders by means of three successive emails, the cost of accommodation and services must be paid in advance before the start of the next due date of the invoice.

Any delay in payment on the due date results in the suspension of services following our reminders. This notification is made exclusively by e-mail, and is addressed to the billing contact (e-mail address to be kept up to date, under the responsibility of the Client).


The Customer may terminate the Contract binding him to Valahost at any time by observing a notice of 30 (thirty) days by notifying Valahost in writing and provided that the sums possibly due by him to Valahost, due or due, have been previously paid. This termination will not result in any refund.


When opening an account, the customer must keep a valid email address and postal address, Valahost communicates to the customer by Email the codes and passwords that allow the operation of the server. These details are confidential. The information will be updated from the customer area designed for this purpose.

The client must contact Valahost in the event of non-renewal of an accommodation service, respecting a period of 15 days before the date of renewal of the service. In the event that the customer has not been so kind as to notify before this specific date of renewal, the invoice for the service will be due.

1 – Use of CGI / PHP / ASP  scripts : Valahost provides hosting packages that make it possible to use CGI, ASP, PHP scripts and other executable programs. These scripts use a lot more system resources compared to simple PHP pages, so there are some limitations when using these features.

The scripts must use acceptable system resources. Scripts that use a very large number of CPU cycles and a very large RAM memory space must be suspended or additional costs may apply.

Valahost will get involved as much as possible in order to notify customers who use scripts using too large a percentage of system resources before their suspension.

On the other hand, if the scripts cause problems of size to the other customers or that these take an excess too many resources they could be stopped without notice.

The scripts should not, under any circumstances, interfere with the configuration of the server or the hardware. The implementation of this type of script may result in the direct cancellation of the customer account without refund.

The use of your pack to offer meter services or other CGI / ASP / PHP services to a large number of users is subject to the prior acceptance of Valahost.

2 – Use of PHP / MySQL:  The user is informed that the improper or incorrect use of MySQL and PHP (looping scripts.) Can cause the site to malfunction on a shared server, and expose the site concerned to suspension without no prior notice to ensure a better quality of service to all of the server’s clients.

3 – How much disk space and bandwidth is there in the unlimited offers?  There are no limits set in the disk space or in the bandwidth that we provide in this shared hosting package. That said, we need all of our customers to be fully compliant with our terms of use and to use disk space and bandwidth in the normal operation of a personal or small business website.

Even if this is rage, but we can proceed to the suspension of an account that uses excessively these resources there, because otherwise it will have a negative impact on other users of the same server.

Typically, the customers who experience these issues are those who use their shared hosting accounts for storage, file sharing, streaming, or any busy website. If you want to host this type of website, go to our dedicated hosting page or cloud-vps.


1 – Content:  Valahost does not control the content hosted by its customers, whether through its hosting account or the letters sent to it.

Valahost is in no way responsible for the content disseminated by its customers, namely:

Any type of information, images, sounds, texts and any multimedia content contrary to the laws and regulations in force.

Violation of the property rights relating to the works published, in whole or in part on the client’s web hosting account.

2 – Accessibility: Valahost undertakes to provide all the care necessary for the provision of quality services. Valahost undertakes to:

Ensure access to content via the Internet 24/7 every day of the year. In case of obligation, Valahost reserves the right to suspend the server to carry out a technical intervention in order to adjust its functioning. Valahost will then inform the Customer beforehand, as far as possible, within a reasonable time, informing it of the nature and duration of the intervention, so that the Customer can make its arrangements. Respond quickly in the event of an incident.

3 – Security:  Valahost’s responsibility cannot be engaged in the event of fraudulent intrusion into the customer’s hosting account or for hacking of the customer’s email inboxes, despite all the security measures taken by Valahost.

4 – Force majeure:  Valahost will not be held responsible for any non-performance or delay, when the reason for the non-performance is due to the occurrence of a case of force majeure usually recognized by case law.

The obligations arising from the contract present for the entire duration of its existence is suspended in the event of force majeure.

However, if the case of force majeure continues for more than 20 consecutive days, both parties will have the right to automatically terminate this contract.


The web hosting prices and services offered are those mentioned on the website https://www.valahost.com. These are Duty-Free Prices and are payable in Euros, and Dollars. The price of services paid in advance is guaranteed for the period concerned.

Valahost reserves the right to immediately use any new tax or any change in the value of the already existing taxes.

Only the United Kingdom courts are competent to resolve any disputes.

This contract is signed for a period of one year from the date of effective online delivery of your service.

It is automatically renewable by period of one year. Payment of the annual fee must reach Valahost at the latest 48 hours before each due date.

Any delay or failure to pay on the part of the customer will result in an automatic suspension of this contract.

In the event of a payment default, non-compliance with usage policies, Valahost will have the right, without any notice and immediately, to suspend the customer’s account by reimbursing the unused balance of its payment.

In the event of non-compliance with the usage policies, the customer’s account may be suspended without refund.


To pay for your order, you choose the payment method from those offered by Valahost on the payment page.

In this case, the transaction is debited for debit from your account within one day of the date of delivery confirmation.

Your Multi-channel payments are secured by the Stripe and PayPal which offer a fully secure payment service.

The Consumer guarantees to Valahost that he has the necessary authorizations to use the method of payment chosen by him, during the validation of the Order form.

In the event of payment by bank card, the provisions relating to the fraudulent use of the means of payment provided for in the agreements concluded between the Consumer and the card issuer between Valahost and its banking establishment apply.


In general, you can visit our site on the Internet without having to disclose your identity and provide personal information about yourself. However, we may sometimes ask you for information.

For example, to process an order, establish correspondence, provide a subscription, or submit a job application. We may supplement this information to complete a transaction or provide better service.

In accordance with law n ° 09-08 promulgated by 1-09-15 of February 18, 2009, relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data (BO n ° 5714 of 05/03 / 2009, the Customer has a right of access and rectification of the information which concerns him. He can exercise this right and obtain communication of the information concerning him by e-mail at the electronic address: [email protected] or by postal mail to the address:
Valahost, United Kingdom.

The Customer remains exclusively and fully responsible for the processing of personal data which he performs for his own account and undertakes, with regard to said data, to comply with all of the legal and regulatory provisions relating to data processing , files and freedoms, and in particular to carry out all appropriate prior formalities with the National Commission for the Control of the Protection of Personal Data ( CNDP UK)

The information collected on the site www.valahost.com is subject to processing by Valahost intended for customer management

The recipients of the data are: customer service

In accordance with law n ° 09-08 promulgated by 1-09-15 of February 18, 2009, relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, you have the right to access and rectification of information concerning you, which you can exercise by contacting: [email protected]

You can also, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of your personal data.

This processing was notified and authorized by the CNDP UK under authorization n ° D-GC-93/2016 of 05/04/2016.


The data recorded by the Stripe and PayPal on the Multi-channel payment platform on behalf of Valahost constitute proof of all commercial card transactions between you and the company Valahost.